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The Hellenic American Academy aims at providing a cultural and artistic environment inclusive of all arts and trends to the youth and the adults of the Hellenic-American community. It emphasizes the nurturing, celebration and promotion of the creative elements of our community. We, in the Hellenic American Academy, strongly believe in the positive effects that culture and the arts can have towards preserving, and developing our cultural heritage.

Today, there exists a flourishing Hellenic-American culture relatively different and independent of either Hellenic or American cultures. This is, certainly, a direct result of the blossoming of the Hellenic-American identity we witnessed in the 1980’s and 90’s, which is accelerated today by a very dynamic Hellenic-American youth who take great pride in their identity and roots. In culture and the arts, this manifests itself through a variety of artistic styles and trends, and it exudes its own elements derived from a commonality of values and experiences. The recent success of Hellenic-American artists in literature and the performing and visual arts has created enormous interest in our youth for the arts, the entertainment business and culture in general. Hellenic-American families tend increasingly to realize the importance of the arts in transforming children into thoughtful, successful, independent and balanced young adults.

Our objective is to support the preservation and development of this movement and to actively assist it in becoming a recognizable and admired force in the cultural life of the American society. We also feel strongly that through culture and the arts we can contribute greatly to the preservation of the Hellenic language and to Hellenism’s best artistic and cultural achievements.

We deem it of the utmost importance to nurture and celebrate the creative and artistic energy of our youth on a daily basis. To accomplish all these, we have created an extensive after school program with a variety of classes, activities and events open to all of our students and to the community at large.

Culture and the Arts build open minds and it is always the open minds that lead societies to progress and higher levels of civilization.
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